use Visual Basic to rapidly develop System i (AS/400) Client-Server and Internet applications

New version:


Build your reports with ActiveObjects/400 for Visual Basic.


You can now use the latest version to build your AS/400 reports with Visual Basic and also with third party products, for example Crystal Reports.


Use ActiveObjects/400 for Visual Basic with any tool compliant with ADO components, OLE DB or ODBC.


The versions to come will offer the possibility to use all development tools compliant with ADO components from Microsoft and other third parties, OLE DB and ODBC, like Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Visual C++, Visual Interdev...


Proven Technology


The middleware chosen by Borland for Delphi/400 and C++Builder/400.


Freedom of Choice.


Use ActiveX, Java or HTML to build Internet applications.


Complete Tool.


Native access to your AS/400 data, system and programs, including embedded and programmable 5250 emulation.