Delphi/400 Sydney
IBM i Mobile Applications for iOS, Android and Windows
a complete solution for your web, windows and mobile applications that use IBM i objects

Delphi/400 gives you all the power of Delphi plus all native access to your IBM i and AS/400 databases, system objects, programs and more...


NEW with Sydney: You can create native mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Delphi/400 is the smart and efficient way to modernize your IBM i applications, so you can reduce end-users’ learning curve and make them more productive with fewer errors.


Use VCL for the Web in Delphi/400 to build interactive AJAX-enabled Web interfaces to your IBM i data and programs in record time and with minimal coding.


Delphi/400 is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution used to create applications for WIndows Servers, .NET and for your IBM i.


Its characteristics are:


  • A RAD development solution that lets you build applications using visual components in place of code,
  • The same visual components to use standard databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 for IBM i,
  • Visual components to use any OS/400 or IBM i system objects such as the remote commands, data queues, data areas, existing programs with or without parameters, IFS, spool files and more...
  • It works with all IBM i versions,
  • A powerful facility to debug your programs with full access to IBM i data from directly inside the IDE,
  • A complete 5250 emulation as a visual component to include all your existing programs in your new applications,
  • And more...


Thanks to Delphi/400 Automatic Deployment, Delphi/400 is the perfect tool to create powerful "Rich" applications for Windows without the nightmare of deploying and updating all connected PCs.


Just install the client part of Delphi/400 Automatic Deployment, once on each PC.


When you create a new version or a new application, you just "publish" it on your IBM i (or Windows Server) using the server part of Delphi/400 Automatic Deployment.


At the next connection, all PCs are automatically updated with the new version (or new application) — with no admin intervention and minimal disruption.