The Right Message to the Right Person -- Instantly!
Enable your IBM i, Windows or Linux applications to automatically keep you informed by email, Push notifications or SMS.

Your business application just received the order you were waiting for. Your most important customer is waiting for onsite service. Your file transfer with the bank can't start,


You won't know until you connect. That's too late.


Push4Servers immediately delivers important information to the right people -- wherever they may be.


Use Push4Servers to send messages from your IBM i or Windows servers in any of 3 different forms:

  • Email to any authorized subscriber,
  • Push notification to any authorized iOS or Android mobile device,
  • SMS to any authorized mobile device.


It's powerful.

Receive mobile messages from applications or utilities running on any number of servers or partitions.
works with:

  • IBM i (AS/400),
  • Windows,
  • Linux.

All Push messages arrive in the free Push4Servers app.
SMS and Emails use existing mobile device services.


It's secure.

Push4Servers uses a simple but reliable registration process to ensure that your Servers send messages only to approved people and devices.

For Push, each mobile device can receive push messages only from your Servers.


It's easy to use.

Messages are sent using a simple call to our API that you can insert in any of your programs.

For the IBM i, you can use the Automatic Log Analyzer to send QSYSOPR messages directly to your subscribers -- no programming required!


It's visual.

For Push messages, you create the text for each message and assign an Urgency Level from 1 (information only) to 5 (emergency). These levels are translated into color on the screen of your mobile device to immediately convey the urgency of the message.


It's flexible.

Your Server can send messages to:

  • One particular person
  • A group of people (i.e. the IT Department or Field Maintenance Engineers or the VIP Customer Group)
      • You can create any number of groups
      • One registered user can be linked to any number of groups
  • All registered users


It's Affordable

You can use the Free Push4Servers Community Edition to support 1 Server and up to 10 users. 

To enable the SMS option and the IBM i Automatic Log Analyzer — or to support >10 users and >1 servers — consider the Base Edition.


Visit the Push4Servers web site to create your free account.