develop once in rpg or cobol... run from your PC, Mac, SmartPhones and Tablets (ios or Android)!!

With this new version you can use RPG (or COBOL) to develop "hybrid" applications that access your IBM i from any client.

Your new applications will run in any browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox...

Hybrid applications can be installed on your SmartPhone or Tablet (iOS or Android) and can access local services such as:

  • Your address book to search an email address,
  • Geolocation services,
  • The camera to upload pictures to your database,
  • The camera used as a barcode reader,
  • The Bluetooth to connect external objects,
  • and more...

You can see here the architecture of the SP4i Application.

NEW: Develop on-line and off-line solutions.


Your users need to work without a permanent connection to the Internet.


They need to enter information in places where Internet may not be available -- like in a parking garage, a cellar, restricted areas or other dead zones...


The process is easy:

  • On your IBM i you prepare the files to be dowloaded to the mobile, and the menu to manage these files on the mobile,
  • You can decide which users can use which files,
  • The users download these files when they are connected to the Internet,
  • They can enter (or modify) the information in these files locally in one or multiple work sessions,
  • When an Internet connection is available, the files are uploaded to your IBM i,
  • Your applications write the new information to your business databases.
  • Absolutely no programming on the mobile side!! The input forms are dynamically created!!


This new feature is included with the latest version of SmartPad4i and is free for customers with a valid maintenance contract.

Develop these new applications with your existing skills.


They are built as:

  • Standard jobs,
  • Excellent response time,
  • Access your data in native or SQL mode,
  • Full respect of your existing security,
  • Standard debugging tools,
  • New : SmartPad4i creates ILE RPG Free-form programs (IBM i V7.1 and higher)
  • And more...


Characteristics of applications developed using SmartPad4i:


  • Modern graphical applications,
  • One version works on your PC, Mac, Smartphones and Tablets - the same IBM i program and the same HTML page,
  • No more limits to the number of lines and columns displayed,
  • Full support of all existing HTML objects,
  • Full support of HTML 5, Ajax components, Spry framework, JQuery Mobile, and more...


SmartPad4i core concepts:


  • HTML in place of DSPF,
  • No more DSPF limitations,
  • Use all existing HTML components,
  • One HTML page is equal to one program,
  • SmartPad4i will generate all the code for your program to display the HTML page and to process the information entered by the user,
  • Communication between your HTML page and your program is accomplished using external Data Structures which are automatically generated by SmartPad4i,
  • You can see an example below how your future IBM i (AS/400) web applications could look...using only RPG!

The same application in a browser and on a mobile.




As you can see the "Search" button prompts access to your personal address book.



How to test your mobile application?


  • Use SmartPad4i and RPG or COBOL to develop your HTML 5 application,
  • Test and debug it with your favorite browser,
  • Add the javascript to access the local services of your mobile (if needed),
  • Get the SmartPad4i (SP4i-V2) app from your favorite app store,
  • Customize your application with your logo,
  • Enter the address of your own web application server
  • Done!
  • You can now run your application on all Android devices and all iOS devices,
  • Current SmartPad4i users, we provide a migration guide. You don't need to recompile your programs!!


Now we can create a customized application for your private store


When you have finished the tests of your mobile application, we can build your own application:

  • With your own name,
  • With your logo,
  • With your graphic chart,
  • With your web application server address,
  • Ready to deploy to any private store like IBM Maas360,...

Click here to see the difference between the SP4i Generic Application and a customized one.

Key benefits: 


  • Develop new graphical applications for mobile devices and workstations that communicate with your IBM i (AS/400) using all the graphic capabilities of the HTML language and local service(s) of your mobile,
  • Develop the applications using your existing technical team to maintain your current applications and to develop new web-based (HTML) applications using the same language (RPG or Cobol),
  • Develop your new web (HTML) applications, without the limitations of a green screen application. No more subfiles, present your information with unlimited lines and columns
  • Design any type of data entry form incorporating any type of HTML object like combo-box, check box, radio-buttons, text and more
  • Design "multi-tab" entry forms
  • Your new applications will be ready to handle any number of Internet users with WebSphere Application Server, IWAS or Tomcat
  • and more...