SmartPad4i Generator
Create automatically your standard MOBILE AND web applications for your IBM i (AS/400) and for all existing clients.



SmartPad4i Generator is used to create the standard programs that control the functions to list, insert, update or delete records in selected database file.


Nearly all of the RPG code is automatically created by SmartPad4i Generator to do these and many other functions.


SmartPad4i Generator uses a data-model to describe the database table(s) that is to be used, creating programs with the following:


  • One HTML file created from your HTML templates,
  • One IBM i source program in ILE RPG or ILE RPG Free Form with all the business logic to display, insert, update and delete records in your designated tables. All access to your database is done using SQL.


One very powerful feature of SmartPad4i Generator is the ability to automatically suggest records that closely match characters that are entered by users in search fields of your applications. This works the same way that the Google search engine does when you enter characters and words in their search field. Generator creates this functionality for you in minutes, whereas to manually build this capability it could easily take multiple days.

To create the programs, you will use an IDE installed within RDi.


A standard application created within SmartPad4i Generator is a set of programs, and one program is comprised of one HTML file and one source ILE RPG or ILE RPG Free Form program that has access to your database using SQL.


One program can call or be called by one of the following:


  • another program generated by SmartPad4i Generator,
  • a program generated by SmartPad4i Designer,
  • or any existing batch program.


In addition, programs can call and be called using parameters.


The Generator is a solution to create automatically standard web and mobile applications for your IBM i(AS/400) and for all existing clients.


These applications can be part of your mobile applications too.

Using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you can "describe" the application.


The application is created as multiple modules.

Each module is:

  • An ILE RPG program using SQL to access your data base, with this new version you can create Free RPG for the V7,
  • A HTML file created from your own "template".


A module can be:

  • a list of a table,
  • an update of a record,
  • an insert of a new one,
  • a display,
  • or any combination of the previous functions,


A module can:

  • Call another module with or without parameters,
  • Call any existing batch program with or without parameters,
  • Call another program created with SmartPad4i with or without parameters.


Access to your data base is described using "data models".


A data model can be:

  • A simple physical file,
  • SQL tables,
  • Any number of SQL tables.


A module can use one or more data models.


The generated source code can be enhanced using PDM for the ILE RPG or any HTML tool like Dreamweaver for the HTML.


In the source ILE RPG code there are special "tags" to include your own logic. This is done to keep your modification for the next generation of your program.


In the ILE RPG code all is included, pagination for next and previous pages, access to the data base, update records, edit code for the presentation and more...


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